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Hello , Today is October 19th 2019.
If one of our server crashes, it should automatically restart in 5-20 minutes.
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Steam Group
Come join us for a chance to win VIP on our servers!
All you have to do is join and make a post at our steam community forum
letting us know that you're an active player!

SuperHero Mod - Top 15
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Server Down?

If one of our server crashes, it should automatically restart in 5-10 minutes.

FriendlyGamerz - Home B_350_20_FFFFFF_FFFFFF_1A23EA_2FAD00FriendlyGamerz - Home B_350_20_000000_00E99D_FF1414_FFFFFF

Server Rules
Our rules are pretty simple and easy to follow

No begging for levels/exp/points. (10 Minutes ban / 30 Minutes gag)
No harassment. (3 Days ban)
No hacking/glitching (Permanent Ban)
Do not make your own rule. Example: No kill, knife only. (1 Day ban)
No Advertising (Permanent Gag / 14 Days ban)
No spamming (60 Minutes gag / kick)
No sexism, racism or any type of hate speech. (60 Minutes gag)
And most importantly.. respect everyone!

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