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 PokeMod Change Log

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PostSubject: PokeMod Change Log   PokeMod Change Log I_icon_latest_replyJuly 19th 2014, 12:06 am

PokeMod Server Updates

There will be a huge update on Friday, July 25th Wednesday, July 23rd.

Update contains:
-New PD System (Guns will also be purchasable using PD)
-New Type of weapons (Knifes/Secondary/Primary Updates)
-Real Time cooldown (Lets you know when the exact time the skill will be available)
-Added new PokeMons in PD
-Added chance of item being dropped (Delayed due to crashing issue)
-New Maps
-New users will get 20,000 PD
-HitBox correction for Player Models
-Weapon Accuracy correction
-Changed Max level from 200 to 100
-RTD System (Try your luck!)
-Made Changes to PD BUY EXP
-Removal of Credits System
-Removal of Point System
-Added images to Pokedex
-Fixed Pokedex, will no longer show empty or blanked pokedex on the menu
-Added Free Parachute
-Bunny Hop is now available to all users
-Random PD every kill (Amount is between 2-20, however VIP is guaranteed to receive 20)
-Player that connects to the server will now be announced in chat

Note: PD System will be cleared due to new saving style so please use your remaining PD.

This post will be updated if anything happens to change.

EDIT: Updates are now live!

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PostSubject: Re: PokeMod Change Log   PokeMod Change Log I_icon_latest_replyJuly 24th 2014, 6:52 pm

July 24 Change Log
-Added Shiny Pokemon (All of them are obtainable, however the chances are really slim)
-Added Griseous Orb which allows Giratina to change form (Can be found in PokeMart)
-Pokedex updated (Added Images and Table)
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PokeMod Change Log

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