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Hello , Today is October 19th 2019.
If one of our server crashes, it should automatically restart in 5-20 minutes.
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 [Event] PokeMod - Platinum AWP

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[Event] PokeMod - Platinum AWP Empty
PostSubject: [Event] PokeMod - Platinum AWP   [Event] PokeMod - Platinum AWP I_icon_latest_replyDecember 23rd 2014, 3:48 am

Platinum AWP Christmas giveaway

Easy event, just join the server to get the Platinum AWP.

Event ends in December 28th, 2014.

Weapon Stats:
Damage: 999
Rate Of Fire: Default
Ammo: 10/40
Recoil: 10%

How to claim:
1. Join the server
2. Type /pd
[Event] PokeMod - Platinum AWP 110
3. Select 'Rare Weapon Store'
[Event] PokeMod - Platinum AWP 210
4. Then get 'Platinum AWP' from the menu
[Event] PokeMod - Platinum AWP 310

After that just open your inventory by typing '/guns' in chat.
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[Event] PokeMod - Platinum AWP

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