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Hello , Today is October 19th 2019.
If one of our server crashes, it should automatically restart in 5-20 minutes.
Don't forget to join our Steam Community group!
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PostSubject: Affiliation   Affiliation I_icon_latest_replyJune 16th 2015, 4:44 am

Advertise for us and we'll advertise for you!

Before applying, you MUST:
-Not have broken any rules
-No ban records in -=FG=-

Send your information to server@friendlygamerz.com with these information filled out:

IP(s) of your server(s):
How old is your server?
Username in FriendlyGamerz Forum:
Explain about your server:
Is your server 24/7?
Your host provider:

After sending your server information to server@friendlygamerz.com, put our website www.friendlygamerz.com somewhere in your website where it can be seen.
PS. We reserve the right to decline any application.
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