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Hello , Today is October 19th 2019.
If one of our server crashes, it should automatically restart in 5-20 minutes.
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 [SH] Server Balancing

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PostSubject: [SH] Server Balancing   [SH] Server Balancing I_icon_latest_replyOctober 15th 2015, 9:33 pm

Server Update: Balancing [October 15, 2015]
-God will now take damage from bullet [They will receive 50% damage from bullets]
-You will now see how much credits/ipoints you have when you open up the shop menu.
-Added new female skin: Mei [Special Edition] for 100 iPoints
-Made some changes to the weapon damage since the server HP has been lowered
-HP/AP/Currency has been moved to where the HP and AP was
-Special user [Founders/Developer/Admin] will no longer be immune to bullet (unless they have a certain hero)
-Amaterasu damage has been changed from 10,000 to 500

Bug Fixes:
-The text menu on Super Saiyan God Hero has been corrected.
-User will no longer have their credit reset back to 0 when they disconnect within the first 3 second of joining

If you have a suggestion, please reply in this thread.
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[SH] Server Balancing

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