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Hello , Today is October 19th 2019.
If one of our server crashes, it should automatically restart in 5-20 minutes.
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 PokeMod Store Open

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PostSubject: PokeMod Store Open   PokeMod Store Open I_icon_latest_replyApril 2nd 2014, 12:16 am

Hello everyone!

Purchasing PD/VIP for PokeMod server is now available!
PokeMod Store Open Untitl24
Use this coupon to receive a 25% OFF: beta
Coupon expires on June 1st, 2014

Items on PokeMod Store:
-Pokemon Dollar (100,000 - 1,000,000) - Use to purchase Pokemon on PDMenu
-Points (For Point System) - You may use these points to purchase Models or vote commands.
-VIP Membership - Double PokeDollar received, Premium weapons Store & access to VIP Only Pokemon in PD Menu.
-Administrative Access - Gives you access to amx & amxx super commands, access to Admin Pokemons in PD, and all VIP perks (Note: You won't get access to PokeMod stuff)

Note: If you purchased a broken Pokemon, create a topic in the support section with the Pokemon name and you will receive a refund in PD.
Note 2: Server is still in beta so expect some bugs!
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PokeMod Store Open

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